11 Examples of effective direct mail marketing campaigns

Direct Mail is part of the daily life of American households. Checking the mail daily is part of the routine, and there is a huge chance to get marketing pieces of mail delivered. The secret to not being ignored by receivers is simple. Use creativity. Find a way to get to them in an unusual way to not end up in the recycling can. 

Here are some ideas that popular brands have used, and definitely haven’t been ignored. 

  1. The breaking into box – ADT Security System

This was an amazing way to “break into” their prospects’ households. By using direct mail, they manage to send a piece of content, that as soon as it got in the house, changes its form to a small box. This box had a simple and powerful message: “Breaking into your apartment is easier than you think”. This is a great example of how a security company was able to attract its potential customers in a creative and unique way. 

  1. We couldn’t deliver – Nestlé

Talking about creativity, here comes Nestlé with this particular and ingenious idea. By sending a personalized ‘Sorry, we couldn’t deliver’ notification postcard, they caught the attention of their potential customers. This brought the outcome of many purchases of the product.  

Image Via D&AD

  1. Have you? – Relax the back 

A simple but powerful way to catch your receiver’s attention is a question. Relax the Back, a bed retailer, decided to send a postcard with the message: “have you been fitted for a pillow?”. That’s a way to get to your customers, probably most of them haven’t, and they will be curious about what that means. This is an amazing example of content engagement through direct mail.

Relax the Back direct mail example
  1. Martin – Geico

As this insurance company, a great way to create awareness is to use branding in all the advertising efforts. Geico is very popularly known for its brand lizard, Martin. It is very common to find Martin on TV, on billboards, and anything including their mail pieces. This creates brand recognition and of course, anytime customers want something related to insurance, they will probably first think about the lizard insurance company. 

GEICO direct mail example
  1. Choose your freebie – Estee Lauder

Who doesn’t like free stuff? In this direct mail content, the beauty company offered its customers a selection of its products. By sending this piece of mail, they just needed to present the piece at Macy’s and get their FREE GIFT. This is a great way to create engagement, brand awareness, interaction, and of course, loyalty.

Estee Lauder direct mail example
  1. Shipping is on us – Wayfair

Using the word FREE does not always mean something tangible, it can be Shipping too. This retail company discovered that by giving free shipping to their customers the chances of purchasing were more.

Wayfair direct mail example
  1. Free 30-Day Trial – Doordash

With the purpose of reaching new merchants, Doordash decided to throw this direct mail piece of content. With a 30-Day Free Trial, they decided to engage their prospects to start doing business with them. This is a great example of how Free Trials can help your business achieve its partnership goals.

DoorDash direct mail example
  1. Borrowing made simple – Amex

Giving relevant and helpful information is another effective way to reach customers. In this case, American Express wants to show its receivers the terms of a business loan. The company uses infographics filled with information and images that help the content be understood. Also includes a call to action, call and apply or go to our website. 

American Express direct mail example
  1. Black Friday – Wave

This internet company takes advantage of Black Friday, a holiday shopping day. With this excuse, they sent direct mail offering a deal. With this excuse, they sent direct mail offering a deal. Sign up for Speed internet and get a Google Nest Have. This is a good way to get people to purchase from you, by offering good deals they won’t miss.

Wave direct mail example
  1. 20% OFF – Bed Bath & Beyond

Coupons are a great way to guarantee direct mail campaigns’ success. This retail company decided to add special discounts to its content. The outcome? A lot of sales. Receivers love to have special discounts and also, the facility to use them in-store or off-line.

Bed Bath & Beyond direct mail example
  1. Birthday discount – GAP

What a good way to say Happy Birthday to your customers! This piece of mail created by Gap is an example of how to create loyalty with customers. By giving a special discount on their card members’ birthday, they will surely be happy to keep purchasing for them.

Gap direct mail example

These are creative and effective ways to take your direct mail mail marketing campaigns to the top level. You can create this kind of content with Mailfold. Use the designing tool to add promo codes, birthday promos, infographics, and special discounts, or send any message you want to your receivers.

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