A successful Political Campaign thanks to Direct Mail


Industry: Politics

"We knew that direct mail marketing was the best way to reach our target audience. And we did not make a mistake".

A political campaign does not start months before the election. It starts years before. That is why Diane Simpson wanted to take her campaign to a closer level with the voters. She started working for the community years before thinking about running for Riverdale, NJ  Mayor. Direct Mail allowed this campaign to show every milestone the town achieved thanks to her work. 

By choosing direct mail she was recognized in the community, as the best option to be the town mayor. 

Automation is key 

Direct Mail automation was very important to reach donors and get new followers. Anytime someone made a donation, a postcard was sent with a Thanks for your support message. With their data, they were able to send direct mail on special occasions to make them feel appreciated. 

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