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Generate New Revenue With White Label Direct Mail Marketing

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The First White Labeled Direct Mail Automation Tool

Cut through the clutter of online marketing with something a little different. A whopping 81% of direct mail recipients sift through their mail on a daily basis.

Marketing agencies can now connect direct mail to client's digital marketing campaigns and their marketing tech stacks, while making money on each mailer sent.

Your Clients. Your Brand

Agencies are protective of their clients, and for good reason. With the Mailfold Agency Edition, you get unlimited white label client accounts and dashboards that deliver the user experience that you need. Use your agency logo and color scheme

Your Clients. Your Pricing

Agencies can increase revenue per client by offering automated direct mail that perfectly complements digital, email, CRM branding and strategy marketing practices. Add a margin percentage per mailpiece into Agency Edition and watch your bank account grow each and every time you send a campaign for a client.

1 tree for every 10 postcards

Good for Business. And the Planet.

Mail uses quite a bit of paper. That’s why we partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant 1 tree for every 10 postcards you send. We like to leave things better than we found them.

Reforestation Impact

We estimate that 1 tree creates roughly 16,500 postcards. For perspective, running a single campaign with 16,500 postcards would result in 1,650 new trees planted.

Integrate with the tools your Agency Clients use everyday.

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