Automation: the key to keeping your customers engaged with your business

Keeping your customers engaged with your brand is not easy. Automation is the key to accomplishing the marketing funnel’s last two steps, advocacy, and loyalty.

Mailfold has been developed to take your business to the next level. And that includes creating advocacy and loyalty strategies through Direct Mail Marketing. Automation is key to sending your current and new customers content that engages them with your brand.

What kind of content should be included in automated postcards?

Automation is a powerful tool to start a relationship with your customers. Here are a few suggestions of content to send to them.


Nothing brings more joy than a special discount on your birthday. With a postcard, you can send your customers special promos because of their favorite day of the year.

Thank you for purchasing

What if you use your database to say thank you to the ones that bought from you for the first time? That would be an amazing way to let them know that you appreciate them.

Mother’s or Father’s day

If your database happens to have this information about your clients, or, you use Prospecting to reach this audience, take advantage. Let them know how valuable they are for your business and they will surely don’t hesitate to keep using your services and products.

Christmas or Hannukah

Special dates and occasions might deserve special promotions. Say Happy Hannukah or Merry Christmas to your clients, and they will surely appreciate that.


The Easter bunny can be a very good excuse to surprise your customers. You can send a promo code, a discount, or a simple “Happy Easter!” message to them.


The spooky season can be a good opportunity to offer your customers a treat. You can offer a special in-store discount or anything that comes to your mind.


What about celebrating your business anniversary with the ones that have been there for you. Share with your customers a special anniversary bonus, discount, or product to redeem.

The good thing about postcards is that there is nothing you can’t do. You can find any excuse to create amazing content for your customers and make them love your brand. By using automation on Mailfold, you can enroll specific contacts that meet specific criteria. You can design postcards and send them on specific dates.

Automation will save you time and will keep your customers happy. This is a Mailfold premium tool, would you like to see how it works? Schedule a Demo by clicking here.

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