Creating advocacy and loyalty to Spa customers 


Industry: Personal Services

"As 35 years old business, we wanted to thank everybody on our database for being a valuable member. Mailfold made that task the easiest".

Manju is a spa that has been in business since 1987 in New York City. They wanted to go huge and offer a discount to anyone that received a service in the past 10 years. They wanted to surprise their customers using something physical and tangible. That is why they got to Mailfold. 


Surprising content 

QR codes and listings were the tools that attracted them the most. They were excited to be able to send a surprise to the household of their customers. They offered free 20 minutes massages to all that scanned the QR and followed the steps.  

Customers did not wait and went for it. Manju Spa members were surprised to see familiar faces. 

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