The right way to gain visibility for your home services company is through Direct Mail

“Our main goal was to be on top of people’s minds when they have an issue with their plumbing. Direct Mail helped us position our business and now everyone calls us”.

Pronto is a plumbing services company in Colorado. They wanted to position their brand as the best to fix plumbing emergencies. They started a marketing campaign that included Direct Mail. This way, their message will be clear and reinforced in the community’s mind. 

After sending the direct mail campaign, they discovered that people were more likely to keep it for emergencies and call them right away. This was a very good outcome for them. 

The physical factor that direct mail brings is pretty useful when it comes to keeping a number or information.

Now, Pronto is the first that comes to mind when a plumbing emergency occurs at home. Using Direct Mail with Mailfold helped this company to achieve its goal and take its business to the next level.