Driving new prospects to your business through Mailfold

Attracting new customers to your business can be really hard and expensive. Social Media marketing can take all of your budgets in a few days. There is something that Direct Mail Marketing will never do. In fact, when you are sending postcards there is just a one-time payment. Mailfold has the best way to drive new clients to your store.

Prospecting is a fantastic tool created by Mailfold that will connect your business with anyone in the US. Businesses and individuals can be targeted with Prospecting. Here is a small demonstration of how Prospecting works.

How to use prospecting in 4 steps

1. Select your target

Mailfold Prospecting will ask you who you want to target, individuals or businesses. Make sure you have defined your buyer personas before going to this step. This way your campaign will be more efficient.

2. Select Geographic location

This step is as crucial as the target one. Make sure you know where is your target audience located. Let’s say you are opening a new office in Ohio. Where your prospects could be? Make sure you select a location that is close to your new office location. This way, they will take your campaign seriously and will get familiar with it.

Prospecting with Mailfold is pretty simple, you can do it with a ZIP code, county, address, city or town name, and also state.

3. Select Demographic criteria

To guarantee your prospecting campaign success your buyer persona has to be defined. This way on the selection steps you can put the specific criteria you want your buyers to follow.

You can target them by general options like household income, contact age, homeowners or renters, marital status, age code, number of children, number of adults, and more. Also, you can categorize them by personal details, like gender.

Once you have all the demographic criteria selected, you can click on Approve Choices. After that, you will be able to visualize the number of records that meet your criteria and the cost of the database usage.

4. Save and Run Campaign

If you are okay with the previous steps, it is time to Save. You will be taken to the billing summary. After that, you can preview your design and make modifications if you want. Once you are okay with everything related to it, it will be the time to run your campaign and get prepared for success!

Prospecting is a powerful tool that will allow you to increase your sales, reach new audiences, create brand awareness, and all of that with an amazing Return On Investment rate. On Mailfold we are continuously working to develop a product that guarantees your business scale.

Interested in prospecting? Feel free to reply to this email or schedule an appointment with one of our representatives. We will be happy to assist you and answer any questions.

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