How Direct Mail Marketing will help you achieve the three pillars of Marketing?

Starting a marketing campaign is not just posting some content. It comes along with a whole bunch of requirements. It is important to achieve the three pillars of Marketing in your campaigns. If you include visibility, clickability, and convertibility in your direct mail campaigns, it definitely will end up in success.


This is the first aspect you have to follow, which is related to brand recognition. Direct Mail can be a great ally to increase your brand visibility. A piece of mail delivered to any household or business talking about your brand, offering a promo, or just sharing content.  

If your customers are aware of your brand and get to know your business better, there is a better chance that they can buy from you. A postcard will help you create brand awareness, even if it is thrown in the trash. The fact of putting a logo, slogan, or brand colors in it, will definitely create something inside your receivers’ brains. 


Clicking on something can be related to digital marketing, but not all the time is about that. Direct mail marketing can have clickability too. There are many ways to add this requirement to a postcard. Think about a special promo you want to share with your receivers. Then, think about the message you want them to get. Once you have that in mind, think about the action you want them to take. That action is gonna be the “clickability” of your postcard. Your receivers can scan the QR code on your postcard and get the information on a website. They can bring the postcard to your store and get a free gift, or anything that can make them do any action

This aspect is not just digital, it is about interaction and how your receivers can start connecting with your business


Finally comes convertibility. A crucial and the most important step to follow in Marketing. How many people are purchasing from you? How many are donating to your fundraising? Or just how many took the action you wanted? Convertibility is about the receivers that became a customer. Those that were interested in your content and took action. Direct Mail Marketing allows you to visualize and have a count of the people that were converted. 

These three pillars of marketing can be included in any Direct Mail Marketing Campaign. Mailfold incorporates these requirements to take your business to the next level. Schedule your demo here

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