How to create standing-out direct mail content

Creating content is not easy. Now, standing out in the direct mail marketing world is not simple either. Let’s face it, creating the perfect piece by ourselves can be tough. But, using the right tools and following the right steps, the process can become like a game. Here is a list of the must-haves your mail pieces need to shine out there. 

  1. Define the type of content 

It is important to have the message you want your receivers to get clear, the action you want them to take, the product you want them to purchase, or the service you want to offer. It is important to decide which way are you gonna share that information if it is an infographic, a promo code, or a picture with text. This way will be easier to define if you will send a postcard or letter. 

  1. Be creative 

This step is really important because you need to develop content that goes along with your brand and marketing goals. It is crucial to share a message in a unique way to engage the receivers. Show them in a gracious way why they should start purchasing and hiring the services you offer, or donating to your fundraising. 

  1. Personalize it 

Making the content more personal increases the chances of creating interaction. There is a huge probability that your content won’t be ignored by adding your receivers’ name, last name, or relevant information. 

  1. Add a Call to Action

What is the action you want your audience to take? Well, think about that and add it to your content. It has to be according to your content, maybe you want them to visit a website, or scan a QR code to redeem a coupon or anything that comes to your mind and goes along with your message. 

  1. Target the right audience 

One of the most important steps to follow is to target the right people. What if you created the perfect content and mail it to the wrong audience? What if you want to target families with children and the content is received for the ones who don’t have? That would be a huge failure in the direct mail campaign. 

Thanks to demographic statistics, you can have real information about your target audience. Always, do research related to your target audience, this way you will be able to send them the content you specifically created for them. 

  1. Don’t become spammy 

There is always important information you might want to share with your audience, but, is not really necessary to share it all the time. Make sure to send your content every other week or month. This way, you won’t be spam. 

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