How to track your Direct Mail Campaigns efficiency?

The importance of tracking your direct mail campaigns and sending your customers to your online or physical space is huge. You can visualize if your content is achieving the goal you had in the first place. Let’s talk about some aspects that are important to manage your mail campaign’s success.  

1. Attractive content

The main aspect to pay attention to when sending a direct mail marketing campaign is the content of your postcard. You have to make sure that engages your audience, improves interest, and makes them want to buy from you, do business with you, etc.

2. Call to action

Along with attractive content comes a great Call to Action. This will be the action you want your receivers to take after receiving your postcard. There are different ways to create Calls to Action according to your business or goals. You can ask your audience to download an app, or ebook, go to a website, scan a QR code or simply bring the postcard to the store. This will help you to track their interaction with your mail campaign.

3. Tracking

The next step is to track the interaction your receivers have with your call to action and content. There are many ways to do it:

  • Promo code: 

You can add a promo code to your postcard. They just need to type the alphanumeric code you decide before checking out on your online store, and they will get a special discount. To track this behavior, you just need to go to your online store analytics and see how many people used the code at checkout.

  • Special retribution

If you are trying to be more visible to your audience, invite them to your store and ask them how they knew about you, or on your postcard ask them to bring the postcard to your store and get a special discount, free consultation, or anything related to your business. Then you can have a count of how many people were brought to your store or business through Direct Mail Marketing.

  • Landing page

Creating a specific URL to your postcards can be a great idea to track your receivers’ interaction with your content. Just put your website link on the postcard and then visualize how many people landed there.

  • QR Codes

This might be the best way to track your postcards’ behavior. You can add a QR code that can be scanned from your receivers. After scanning, they can be redirected to a specific URL, this way you can make them do an action, like going to your online store, downloading an app or ebook, signing up for a newsletter or webinar, and getting a special discount, or anything you want.

Let’s face it. QR codes came along with the pandemic and they are not gonna leave us. So, why not use them to make our business grow too? Mailfold premium includes QR code tracking. An amazing way to track your mail campaign success and keep your customers amazed with your strategies.

Would you like to know more about the QR code tracking on Mailfold? Don’t hesitate to schedule a demo and learn more about our features.

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