How we reached the first 25 yearly contracts for our small cleaning services company


Industry: Home Services

"We just wanted to let the community know we were the best at cleaning. Mailfold helped us reach everyone, we just finished the rest".

Shiny clean is a small business dedicated to cleaning services. It is located in Mountainside, New Jersey. But they offer their services in the whole area. Their team is conformed of 10 head-of-household women, that are really obsessed with cleaning.


How did they use prospecting? 

They wanted to reach all the households in the area but did not know how to do it. One of them found Mailfold and give it a try. They selected the area, created their postcards, and mailed them. On that postcard, they offered a free one-area cleaning service. Like a demo. 

All the household owners were amazed and did not think twice to hire them. This way, they were able to reach their first 25 yearly contracts. Putting aside the monthly ones they got.

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