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Like any good company that thinks it has something valuable to say, we decided to start writing. This is our inaugural post. We hope to fill this space with thoughts on how to grow as a merchant and as a small business owner.

Thanks for stopping by. We create a space that could be used to share our thoughts, insights from our customers, and any advice from sellers on Etsy (or beyond). The Mailfold Blog, like Mailfold itself, aims to address people-problems in a way that’s as helpful and considered as possible.

Today, Mailfold is a delightful little service that helps Etsy sellers send direct mail postcards. We, of course, imagine Mailfold as something quite a bit bigger. The Blog will help to bridge the gap between today and our vision of what Mailfold could be.

We think that direct mail is special because it has some unique qualities lacking among all the other kinds of marketing that modern companies now use. It’s printed, and printed things are always a delight. It’s small enough that it can be picked up and handled. When it’s customized to the recipient, it still has the ability to surprise. It’s made of paper — something natural (and we do our part to plant more trees than we use). And, for a number of reasons, it has new potential as a way to reach people.

But, while we think what we do is special, this space will be used to focus on sellers and small business owners. We hope to provide advice to them, write about them, interview them, and provide inspiration to any one trying to grow their small operation into something substantial.

So, that’s one post down. • M

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