Reaching any audience in the United States is simple with Mailfold


Industry: Ecommerce

"All of my customers were from other states, and I really wanted my people to get to know my business. Mailfold helped me reach the households in my town and increase my sales".

Buzzy Boo is a handmade candles Etsy store that has been on since 2019. Its owner lives in Utah, and surprisingly he did not have customers from there. He really wanted to reach them and get their support. 

Prospecting to reach anyone

To reach new customers in his area, Jeremy used the Mailfold prospecting tool. He targeted his audience and send a very creative message to get them to visit his eCommerce store. He was able to reach them and increase his sales in Utah. 

Direct Mail brought more customers to Buzzy Boo and helped it achieve selling goals in its own state. 

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