Three steps to create effective Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns with Mailfold

Creating a direct mail marketing campaign can be very simple using the right tool. But, before you start sending postcards to everyone on your mailing list, make sure to follow these steps: 

1. Message 

When sending a postcard to your clients pay attention to the message you are sending. Make sure it is not too long and it’s easy to comprehend. Also, include a picture or image on it, it will make it look more professional. 

2. Personalization

If your customers found a postcard with their name on it, they will surely pay more attention to the content you are sending. This will bring your customers closer and create loyalty to your brand

3. Segmentation 

Make sure you are sending the right message, to the right people at the right time. What if you send a ‘Happy birthday’ postcard to someone whose birthday was two months ago. That cannot be good. Pay attention to the specific customer you are sending postcards to.

Mailfold has the tools to create, personalize and segment your postcards. The design tool is perfect to explore your imagination and create professional postcards to send to your customers. Also, with the personalize tool you can add your customer’s name, last name, full name, city, or state. This will take your postcards to another level. 

To complete the final step, Mailfold has three tools:

This tool is the right one to find new prospects anywhere in the US. If you are looking for new clients, opening a store in a new location, or exploring a new market, this tool is perfect. You can target businesses or individuals. Find your prospects by their geographic location, zip code, address, city, or state. And finally, add their specific criteria like their gender, household income, etc. 

If you want to automate your postcards and send them to your customers without having to do it individually, this is the one.  Automation is a powerful tool to create rules and send specific content on specific dates. Just design or upload your postcard and it will be delivered on the date you want, to the contacts on your list that meet the rules.

Sometimes our mailing lists are so long, that segmentation is exhausting. This tool was designed specially to categorize your contacts by any criteria you want. As an example, if you want to send a postcard to all of your contacts located in Colorado, you can do it. Our system automatically adds filters and creates a list or segment with all the contacts who meet these criteria. Isn’t that cool? 

I would continue talking about more of our features, but it will be way better if explore Mailfold by yourself. Make sure you follow these steps before sending your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign and you will do great.

If there is something you want to explore further and need some advice, feel free to schedule a demo with a member of our team.

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