What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing is the physical piece of content you send to your company’s audience. It can be a letter postcard, brochure, or anything that comes to your mind that can be sent through the USPS or mailing company. 

In the past years, people have been talking about its dead, but direct mail is more alive than any other way to do marketing. Even more. Direct mail’s response rate is 5.3% higher than the response rate for emails*. 

Here are some reasons why: 

  1. It is physical 

There is something with the physical world that none of us can explain. Being able to touch and feel something is part of humanity; physical mail reminds people of that. It gives the receivers the ability to touch and visualize the content, a great way to place it in their minds. 

  1. It has a bigger reach

Depending on the audience you are trying to reach, Direct Mail can be way better effective than other ways to do marketing. Ironically we think everybody is involved in social media and emails, but not everybody is into that. There is an audience that is not into digital advertising that can be reached with direct mail too. 

  1. It is traditional 

Direct mail evokes receivers to the good old days. When receiving a letter was a common thing, there was no other way to communicate with other people. By sending direct mail your receivers will feel more likely to pay attention to it and interact with you. 

  1. It offers many ways to communicate

This kind of marketing offers many possibilities to communicate with your receivers. It requires imagination and creativity to develop powerful and effective content. It doesn’t have to be promotional content all the time. 

  1. It allows integration with Digital Marketing 

When using direct mail marketing there are many ways to incorporate digital marketing too. By sending postcards you can include a website URL, hashtags, or an action to take on social media. There are many options than allow this integration and will increase the probabilities of engagement and interaction with the content. 

  1. Competition is less 

Everyone is on digital marketing, but not everyone is using direct marketing. With fewer people in the direct mail marketing world, there are huge chances that your content will be noticed. It is easier to stand out from others, by using this way to reach audiences. 

Direct marketing is a great way to reach audiences and guarantee your brand will be seen. Most people at least scan their mail before sending it to the recycling can. It is important to develop creative content to catch the attention of your target audience. Also, you can create loyalty, and advocacy and keep your current customers engaged with your content. 

Mailfold is a great platform to design postcards and add information, images, or anything that comes to your mind. And also, mail them to anyone in a database or create a prospecting list to reach new customers or businesses. 

*Hubspot and Mailchimp

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