Win More Clients with White-Label Direct Mail

Do it all direct mail for your clients

Agencies owners say...

  • They want to offer Direct Mail Marketing to clients 
  • They want to send personalized content 
  • They want to integrate direct mail efforts with digital 
  • They want to reach new customers
  • They want to offer new services to existing clients 
  • They want to track their campaigns online
  • They want to create beautiful designs for clients fast and easy


Get Started:

Existing Agency:

Plus so much more...

  • White-label client portal 
  • 50% discount sending with agency markups
  • Online integrated design tool 
  • Campaign personalization 
  • Prospecting with agency markups
  • Integrated Automation
  • QR code campaign performance tracking 
  • and more…

Design Tools

Pick a card size and start creating content.

QR Codes

Monitor your campaigns with QR codes.


Add lists, integrate your CRM, and create automation.


Reach any audience in the United States territory.

Tools to Grow

White-Label Customer Portal

Your own portal with your logo and information to manage your clients’ campaigns. 

Agency Platform

Manage your agency direct mail clients and track per send / subscription / and data revenue and profits.

Your agency is ready to reach millions of people in the real world with direct mail marketing. It’s simple, effective and easy for you to get setup and start managing your clients right away.

Design Tool

Create beautiful postcards and letters with this easy to use designing tool. Use any of our templates, customize them, add text, images, shapes, background and personalizations. 

Prospecting Tool

Find new prospects anywhere in the US. Target businesses or individuals. Find your prospects by their geographic location, zip code, address, city, or state. And finally, add their specific criteria like their gender, household income, etc. 

Automation Tool

Automate your postcards and send them to your customers without having to do it individually. A powerful tool to create rules and send specific content on specific dates. Design or upload your postcard and it will be delivered on the date you want, to the contacts on your list that meet the rules. 

QR Code Tracking

Have a track of your postcards’ behavior by adding QR codes to your designs. Access to analytics and statistics related to your campaigns in real time. 

and more...

Reach anyone in the United States with a tool specially designed for your business success.