LGBTQ community non-profit in Maryland


Industry: Non-Profit

"By using Direct Mail Marketing we were able to attract new members. Also allowed us to help more people in our state".

‘In Any Color’ is a nonprofit organization that has been helping members of the LGTBIQ Community for the past 10 months. They developed a hotline for those that are struggling or being vulnerable to being different. So, anyone that needs help or just wants to talk, can go to their website and make a call. 

Prospecting to connect 

They wanted to increase their visibility and attract more volunteers from all over the State. With the Mailfold prospecting tool, they were able to send direct mail to the households with the characteristics they needed. As a result, they got 300 new volunteers to attend the hotline. 

Making a difference 

This organization launched different mail campaigns to send their information to anyone that might need help. By using a physical piece of content, their information has more probability to be seen by anyone. 

Also, with the automation tool, they have been able to send Direct Mail to the donors that have been supporting the organization. After a donation, a thank you postcard is automatically sent to them. 

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